Artist's Statement

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Weymouth/Bournemouth, Dorset, United Kingdom
My work often aims to evoke feelings of the poetic and sentimental, yet with a final outcome which may be quite subtle in size. I like to create a tension between the scale of a sculpted object and the way in which it is presented: for example an object that is fairly miniature in substance may be lit very theatrically, or a landscape may be fairly large (and epic) in scale, but what it actually contains might be very minimal and bleak.

Dust Monument

I am currently interested in working with dust as a sculptural medium, as it holds a strong sense of time and sentimentality and it seems to be a material that is essentially useless, given its utter abundance in our environment. In 'Dust Monument' and 'Dust Stairs', the process is to gather the dust, bond it with my saliva, sculpt it, and finally light it for presentation. This piece is an initial experimentation for a work that will be exhibited at 'This Way Up' (an exhibition by fellow 3rd year students of Fine Art at the Arts Institute Bournemouth).