Artist's Statement

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Weymouth/Bournemouth, Dorset, United Kingdom
My work often aims to evoke feelings of the poetic and sentimental, yet with a final outcome which may be quite subtle in size. I like to create a tension between the scale of a sculpted object and the way in which it is presented: for example an object that is fairly miniature in substance may be lit very theatrically, or a landscape may be fairly large (and epic) in scale, but what it actually contains might be very minimal and bleak.

Butter Wouldn't Melt (the building)

one bar of butter, one 500w studio light

This is the building of a 'butter house', a work which was a reaction to a passage in a book called 'The Wheel of Darkness'. The exact quote evades me at the moment but I shall post it later on! The general theme of the piece was to create a work that would have a life that spanned a certain amount of time in an exhibition. By this I mean it would melt under the lighting over the course of a show, so that the viewer might experience the lifespan of an art piece. I am interested in how things may become mythical, or more interesting once they are gone. Butter was used due to it's physical 'melting' properties, as well as the fact that it has a nice link to the 'house' shape, it being quite a domestic material. The next post will hopefully show 'the melting'.