Artist's Statement

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Weymouth/Bournemouth, Dorset, United Kingdom
My work often aims to evoke feelings of the poetic and sentimental, yet with a final outcome which may be quite subtle in size. I like to create a tension between the scale of a sculpted object and the way in which it is presented: for example an object that is fairly miniature in substance may be lit very theatrically, or a landscape may be fairly large (and epic) in scale, but what it actually contains might be very minimal and bleak.

Paint Stone Circle

Table from my studio, found paint scratched from the table, desk lamp

A little experiment using the dried paint from my table in the studio. I liked that the paint was something that was unwanted, as it made the surface of the table uneven. So I felt it would be a nice idea to gather it and make it into something that represented monumentality and grandeur, like a stone circle.