Artist's Statement

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Weymouth/Bournemouth, Dorset, United Kingdom
My work often aims to evoke feelings of the poetic and sentimental, yet with a final outcome which may be quite subtle in size. I like to create a tension between the scale of a sculpted object and the way in which it is presented: for example an object that is fairly miniature in substance may be lit very theatrically, or a landscape may be fairly large (and epic) in scale, but what it actually contains might be very minimal and bleak.

This Way Up

Here are some photos of my work from the 'This Way Up' exhibition at the Arts Institute at Bournemouth. The idea was to have two pieces opposite eachother at each end of the room, therefore the viewer encounters two different experiences of my work, and can view both pieces from virtually any spot within the exhibition space.

'Work no.1' (dust form the corner of the room, saliva, 500w studio light) was formed of the dust from that corner of the room, therefore having a bond with the space, my saliva was used to glue to dust into the 'stairs' shape. The studio light is used to make the work important in the space, thus to give it monumentality.

In 'Work No.2' (found television, dust from the television, saliva, desk lamp, chest of drawers) the television was the space from which the dust was collected and therefore the place where the sculpture was shown. The television itself was given a home by the chest of drawers, and the light was brought in to complete the set-up and to monumentalise the dust sculpture.