Artist's Statement

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Weymouth/Bournemouth, Dorset, United Kingdom
My work often aims to evoke feelings of the poetic and sentimental, yet with a final outcome which may be quite subtle in size. I like to create a tension between the scale of a sculpted object and the way in which it is presented: for example an object that is fairly miniature in substance may be lit very theatrically, or a landscape may be fairly large (and epic) in scale, but what it actually contains might be very minimal and bleak.

Butter Wouldn't Melt (the melting)

This video shows how the Butter house melted when under the warm studio light. In essence the work is melting back into the material from which it was borne, I find this concept very interesting, for me it is an idea that has pure sentimentality. 

The materials are quarried and dragged from the ground, built and sculpted into a home, and left for an amount of time, but eventually the home withers under the elements and the effects of time, and it decays and relaxes again into the earth.  

The video is sped up to double-time in order to heighten the effect of the melting, although it may still be quite an arduous watch!